The Tale of 3 Wanderers

A Day with wonderful Lakes……….Lake District (England)

Life in an alien country, no known faces around, my eyes were searching for the beauty, and Lake district was the place I found……

Three gals…poles apart in nature…met in Manchester …..and so the journey starts…

Although slow but bizarre…..
Nov 2007..

One month passed since the day I arrived Manchester and still I didn’t had any weekend out, again as it happens with most of my plans I was not able to convince anyone to come along, although I am passionate about travel but travelling alone is not at all fun… most of my colleagues had already visited this place, and so suggested this small place where Words worth has stayed for most of his life and described this incredible beauty of Lake District in various poems.

An Impossible attempt to convince PS  (Priyanka Sapru) and Sonal… As PS had to work on weekends and Sonal fully justifying her nature had a fear of cold… which was not a convincing reason at all…

After a long emotional blackmailing session, they finally agreed.

Just a day before our trip it was Sonal’s B’day and we were partying throughout the night. After 1:00 am we left for our houses, had a very little sleep. Me and PS got up at right time.. our bags were already packed we carried no garments since it was a day’s trip..

we went to catch Arriva Bus at 6:30 am… the bus arrived on time but woops…no sign of sonal, PS loosing her Patience and So did I.

Finally she came just 5mins after the bus left…one weirdo… we boarded the next bus and reached Piccadilly..and guess what..15 mins left for the train to depart…and above all none of us know the way to the railway station but… luckily we met an Indian English Girl and followed her…. rushed to station for the train… bought day riders and we were on our train.. heading towards LAKE DISTRICT..a place close to Switzer Land.

 Me as usual playing music at its peak volume …but as these British travelers are ..they love peace…so one of the oldie traveler asked me to switch of the music giving the worst of his gaze……

anyways my question was why this cold..britain countys so scenic...

When we reached Lake district we waited for HOP ON OFF bus, but the service was suspended in winters, so we took a GBP 9 Dayrider and boarded a bus which can take us to city centre.

I talked to a lady in the bus about the places to visit, she turned out to be humble and told me a lot, we started with Windermere Lake the largest lake in Britain.

only photos can describe the beauty…..
Due to cold and windy weather and lack of time we dropped the idea of boating and started walking the area …we knew nothing about this area …but this town was simply amazing…whether you walk on a simple road or lake side the views were superb and since it was autumn …the colors were stunning.

The roads were decorated by fallen leaves truly describing autumn and we acted like kids who are witnessing this wonderful site for the first time.
we played with leaves …threw on each other and collected them, threw them in air and when they fall on us…we had that immense pleasure …we lay in leaves, played, clicked and enjoyed…. We were not at all bothered about others looking at us in surprise or making fun of us…. But what we knew at that time was…. it was autumn…and we love these fallen leaves they were so appealing and inviting how can anyone specially those who have witnessed it first time can pass through it without noticing it.
We would have walked about 2-3 kms uphill and started following some walkers we had little to eat and finding a vegetarian restaurant to suit our taste was nearly impossible so we carried some chips, cookies and sandwiches.

Actually we were happy to walk in an unplanned way because we were enjoying that more than a well planned tour and every single place we walked through was beautiful …and autumn colors made it even more beautiful.

we carried our mobile phones which proved to be a good mode for entertainment…all the time we walked we listened to jab we met songs….it was like something out of the world…3 gals totally stranger at a place …walking some unknown path and singing ‘AN AA NA AN AN AAA… NAA HAI YEH PAANA NAA KHONAA HI HAI’

Just.. climbed a small hill between a beautiful looking village and single tree was standing at the top,The excitement was at peak and the joy was extreme … photo shoot was full on we spent about an hour at this place playing, posing and shooting :-) .

The meadows were spell bounding and you can't resist admiring the natural beauty of this small scenic town
The village down this small hill is even more inviting....

We left this place to explore more of Lake District.....After a long walk of about 4-5 kms we reached this place called Grasmere …we had no clue where we are entering…

It was a forest like place and we climbed some hill and discovered a beautiful lake the opposite side actually both the sides there were two lakes so the place was rightly called Lake district…We first went to ‘Rydal Water’  at that time even we didn’t  know what this place was called….but the photos here can help you visualize the beauty....
we kept walking down the lake.....

spent some time relaxing at the bank …Me and Sonal enjoyed the sight lying on grass on the bank ...

While PS as usual … was playing  in freezing cold water, .. ….I also found it interesting so joined her and when I stepped in water…uhhhh I can’t explain I was in a freezing chamber I could not feel my feet.

I just came out as soon as I entered… and then Sonal joined PS ...
Here I clicked my master piece photo a shot when PS was sitting on the bank drying herself

About half an hour we enjoyed there and than followed some walkers again....                              
Grasmere was fabulous…. that time lying on Grass…singing…’YEH ISHQ HAI….’ From JAB WE MET…was something that we can never forget ..I still feel nostalgic when I listen to that… we were totally wanderers.There was nothing else that we remembered except the spell bounding views.

Just after we walked past this bridge we saw two huge, fluffy dogs entering the area..just held our breaths but the owner was a nice man he introduced them with us and finally this shot came in to picture hee he ehe hee :)

We realized it was already 3:30 and we need to start walking back to nearest bus stop…so we continued…the bus stop was near an ice-cream Van.. we asked the old man about the timing and  he told, the bus might come at 4:00 and it was the last bus… we waited for about an hour but it didn’t come.

That time we really panicked because we would have walked about 8 kms to reach this place and walking back and reaching in time was not easy…it was getting dark and we were not sure about the way too..

The Van owner was the only hope so we asked him again, he said if the bus doesn’t turn up then he will gve us lift to the station, however talking lift to a stranger at a totally unknown place in a Foreign Country was scaring…. But this was the only option we had...

He asked us to enter the VAN… and after few minutes we were on our way to station ...the person turned out to be an interesting man... all the time he kept talking about his arrival in England.. his Ancestors and family history…. I kept talking to him similarly…the gals looked suspicious all the time gazing me to stop chatting …

It was a nice ..Interesting and unpredictable journey…and though we were scared a bit but all of us enjoyed it….he dropped us near station and we showed our gratitude to this gentleman who was an Angel for us at that time.

3 of us were dying of hunger so entered a nearby restra.. ordered cheese toast…it was yuck but something is better than nothing.

Finally we boarded our trains and the whole journey we discussed about the trip…. I can't decide whether I should call it 'The tale of 3 Adventurers….'or ' The story of 3 female Wanderers’ …but it’s a memorable episode of our life …and whenever we sit together we can’t help talking about it.

Acknowledgement:- Special thanks to Sonal for her contribution in editing and refining the content and PS for her suggestions...

Country: England (U.K)
County: Lake district
Places: Windermere, Cumbria, Ambleside,Rydal water, Grasmere
Location: Its a popular hill station around central England, one and a half hour by train through Manchester. 
Train booking: Just Open put the nearest station name and get your tickets booked.
for more info about Lake District please visit:

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